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Our Mission

    Our goal is to provide customers with the most advanced technology and reliable equipment to perform every job safely and effectively. We believe this commitment is a must in order to build the foundation of a successful business. Success begins and ends with our employees and customers. Business will thrive when a high level of satisfaction in these areas are achieved.

    EMPLOYEES: Employees shall be provided a stable and safe work environment, with an equal opportunity for learning and advancing. Professionalism will be recognized and encouraged. Employees will be treated with respect and as professionals in our industry, we will treat customers in the same manner.

    MANAGEMENT: Above all, our management team will commit to ethical and moral decision-making. They will fulfill their obligations to both the customer and employee by keeping GCCS on the leading competitive edge of the industry through efficient & competent leadership. Our objective is to make sure all parties are treated in a fair and ethical manner.

Our Team

    • Danny Alexander


    • Jared Alexander

      Operations Manager

    • Shawna Alexander -Johnson

      Sales Manager - Houston

    • Sherry Hilin

      Office Manager

    • Matt Johnson

      Operations Manager - Houston

    • Chad Whitworth

      Dispatch Operations

    • Van Fielding

      Sales Manager

    • William McCall

      Safety Manager

    • Steven Saenz


    • Sam Watts